Friday, January 16, 2009

The Stash Part III

So these are the third and last group of photos of the bundles in my stash. The rest of the stash is individual fat quarters or bundles of solids. This grouping is called Sonnet. I love the blues in here and think this would make a great fall quilt. I don't remember the name of this grouping. I bought it on a whim at a sale 2 years ago. Of all the stacks I have this is one that I have no clue what it will turn into.
These are some vintage types. I love the bright cheerfulness of this stack. I think this would look good with some white Kona cotton and have several pattern ideas in mind.
This is an older bundle from Valori Wells. I had some pattern in mind when I bought it, but for the life of me have no clue now. I think this is called Mariposa.

Finally Strawberry Lemonade from Me and My Sister. I love their fabric and have one top completed waiting to be quilted from their first line Cookies and Milk. There fabrics are fun to work with.
That is all of the stash posting for now. Pulling all of these out has kept me from impulse purchases on line, but I am going to Prescott tomorrow for my daughter's cheer competition and my aunt wants to go to the quilt store there. It may be too tempting for me.

I have been working diligently on Double Delight. It is really taking me a long time to put the rows together, but I like how it is turning out. Maybe somes pics next week if I can figure out the border.

Finally I have made at least 100 string blocks this week. I do not know why, but I have this overwhelming need to deplete the bucket of strings. It is actually about half gone now. I will have pictures of the blocks and the bucket later as well. It has been no small task, but oddly relaxing. It would probably make a non quilter think I am crazy though. All this new fabric to work with, and I am obsessed with scraps!



Andee said...

You have great taste in fabric! I see you shop at Zoe's Trunk too. I love that quilt store and take a quilt history class there once a month. Just wanted to wave to you from Chandler, AZ!

Sara said...

That is a great stash and lots of beautiful fabric. I would love to have some of that in my stash - so I admit I'm jealous!

Can't wait to see the sting blocks!