Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Purple Thang

I am not advertising for any company, but gosh I love this tool, and I have lost mine. My business trip got postponed until next week, so I thought I would work on the Double Delight Mystery. I can't find my Purple Thang! It works great for holding down all those little seams when you go through the presser foot. This means I may have to make a trip to the quilt store, oh no there goes any hope of stashbusting. Plus Hancocks has a 20% off sale for the next day or two. What should I do? Hmmmm.


1 comment:

Kim West said...

I just LOVE my purple thang! I have two (and they are both mia right now... guess it is time to clean the room up).

I would personally just order one from an online distributor if you are truly committed to stashbusting....