Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress on String Blocks

I have really been having a lot of fun working on these string blocks. Here is the stack, all 192 of them. They are 4.5" squares. The strings are sewn on a muslin base.

Since the blocks are rather on the thick side, I need to pin them. I love these ultrafine pins from Fon's and Porter. They have glass heads, glide through the fabric and usually don't cause a broken needle, although I have had my share of mishaps.
I also use a walking foot due to the thickness of the blocks so that they stay nice and even. I sew rather slowly on these, and go right over the pins.

This is the setting I am playing with. It is hard to tell from the photo, but the sashing is a pale yellow. I like it so far, but need to put another row together before I make a final decision. The plan right now is for a layout 6 blocks x 8 blocks.
I have one more seam to sew and then the Double Delight will be put together also. I am still trying to decide on borders.



Carol said...

WOW! Those string blocks are amazing. I love those pins too.

Trisha said...

Wow! Incredible how many blocks you have made. They look wonderful and I like the setting you picked.

Kathy Wagner said...

I have some similar string blocks...I'm going to see where I hid those things!
How's the DD coming along?!?!

sewkalico said...

That's a very impressive pile of blocks!

Sara said...

Those string blocks look great! I love the look of them! Great job and what a stack of blocks!