Thursday, May 29, 2008

Orange Crush Step 5

Well it doesn't represent my best moment as a quilter, but I did find some fabric in my stash that works colorwise with the pinwheel blocks.
One thing I have discovered through this mystery is that I don't buy a lot of fabric that reads as solid. I tried to stay true to the challenge and shop from my stash however. These are the album blocks and the corner pieces. It will be a mishmosh of pinks, so we will see how it all turns out. They look better in the picture than in person.

I did manage to buy a few more fat quarters this weekend in between baseball games. They were on sale and I really could not pass them up.


Candace said...

I like the pink. Of course, I like pink a lot. I'll bet when you get it all together it will be beautiful.

Amanda said...

Your blocks look as if they go together well and well done for sticking with the stash. I'm not too keen on mine either, the colours just don't seem to go together anywhere near as well once they are cut up into bits. We shall just have to wait and see how they look when it all goes together.

Anonymous said...

The orange crush looks like a fun project, your blocks look great.

Lynn said...

We always have to buy fat quarters if they are on sale. It would be wrong not to.