Sunday, June 1, 2008

Have you ever wondered...

... why no one ever thinks mom gets tired too. My family was scattered to the four winds all weekend. You know how it is with teenagers; work, baseball, the mall, cheer practice, graduation party, etc. So mom stayed home today to make everyone a nice dinner and do the laundry for DS and DD. They were very appreciative and also very exhausted. By the time I turned around everyone had eaten and gone to bed, including DH! How is that for gratitude? I looked at all those dishes and leftovers and that's when I thought good thing mom never gets tired!

Anyway I feel better after venting that. I did get lots of piecing done this weekend. I finished the Step 5 blocks for the second OC quilt I am making. This one is less scrappy, and so far I like it better. I am looking forward to Step 6 to see how the border will pull it together.

I have had the experience before of not being thrilled with a quilt, only to have the resting strip and border(s) make a huge difference. I like the bright blue with the pinks.

I did block 5 in the Quilt-a-Long from Crazy Mom Quilts Blog. I think this quilt is going to turn out to be really neat. I finished all of the 12 setting blocks too.

Believe it or not I pieced a small baby quilt also for a shower on the 14th of June. I will post a picture tomorrow if I can get one of the sleepy heads to hold it up for me. I tried to take a pic of it lying on the floor, but it did not turn out well. The baby shower is for a friend who is remarried and having a little girl. Her sons are teenagers now. She has lots more energy and patience than me!

Have a good Monday. Thanks for listening.



Candace said...

My daughter was pretty much voicing the same thoughts yesterday. She is a single mom of 6, and one in particular is pretty much oblivious to his mother's need for help. That's a whole long story.
Your OC blocks are looking good, and I love the colors on your Quilt-a-long block. I think I'm almost as anxious to see everyone else's OC finished products as I am my own.

Lynn said...

Exactly what I think! Mom doesn't have time to get sick or tired. It is better now that they are older. I love being able to leave the house to go to the grocery store and know that when I get home, everything and everyone will be just fine. That's luxury.
Love your colors on the quiltalong. I'm behind a week, last weeks looked hard and I put it off.

Alison-My Little Stitching Corner said...

Your quilt along block colours are very pretty! Great work with the baby quilt. I look forward to visiting again and seeing photos.

Jo Jo said...

Hi Donna, Thanks for stopping by my blog. When I get the chance I will add you to my ever growing blogroll!! I do intend to hand applique the pieces on my Noah and friends quilt...just makes it all the more special I think. Jo x

Christine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to hear from someone new. You have been buying some lovely fabrics ... it's fun to see them all. Love the quilt you made for you son's teacher - that Posh fabric is gorgeous. Happy stitching.