Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So You Wanna Be a Prom Queen???

Well we survived prom at our house. My DD decided at the last minute to go to prom after all. She is a junior this year and 2 of her best friends are seniors. She didn't want to miss the fun so at the last minute, (1 week before, last minute in my book) she asked a friend she has known since kindergarten to go with her.

Of course the world's gravitational center then shifted to DD. I am surprised to see that more in blogland did not notice the shift. I am glad to give you the explanation. Since I had a quilting class that had been scheduled for a long time she was forced to go dress shopping with dear old dad. And of course just to show me up they managed to get a gorgeous dress, purse, shoes and jewelry, not to mention lunch in 2 hours. If she and I had gone we would not even have agreed on a lunch spot in 2 hours.

Here she is with proud grandpa.

This is part of the trail of destruction left behind.

And here is part of the mess on Sunday morning.

They did have a great time though. Five couples went in a limo so there were no worries about driving. Then all of the girls slept over at one of the girl's houses. Parent were present so it all went well. That is a bottle of cider they gave away at the prom by the way. So now you see how spoiled one of my children is. DS has his freshman formal this weekend. I'll be sure to post photos of that. I got to do the shopping on this one.

Maybe some quilting photos later today or tomorrow.



Candace said...

She looks beautiful and it is something she will always remember.
It is probably something her dad will long remember too, although it sounds like he got off easy.

Amanda said...

Thank goodness for sons. My two just had to go and hire DJs for their graduation balls. How lovely she looks though - and great that she was able to shop with her father, that will make the day even more memorable.

Lynn said...

Beautiful dress, love that color. My DD1 has prom next weekend. Wish me luck!

gingerquilts said...

Beatiful! And here I thought the world revolved around MY DD. lol. Our prom was last weekend as well. Only one more to go with girls and then the boys should be easier. She looks beautiful, I'm sure it was all worth it!

Michelle said...

2 hours?!?! That's just not humanly possible, I don't think. Loved the lunch comment - I think it would/will be the same with my DD.
She does look beautiful.