Monday, May 19, 2008

OC Step 4 "the pink quilt"

Well I finished the Step 4 blocks for the OC with the pink used as the light color. I am happy with these and think that this quilt is going to turn out to be my favorite of the two. The other OC uses whites and beiges as the light colors.
I am looking forward to seeing how the other two colors for each of the quilts are going to mix in with the 30 blocks we just made, and the other scrappy blocks. I ended up using the lime green that was to be used for the accent color in the first quilt, so I will have to pull something else from the stash.
I have never done a mystery quilt before so I guess it is ok to change on the fly. I do feel like it is 50/50 that I will end up with a big mess at this point. Worst case I can put these 2 sets of 30 blocks together with sashing at this point!
But it has been really fun starting a blog and sharing with all of you, so the Orange Crush mystery has been worth it for that alone.

While waiting for Clue 5, I am working on putting binding on 6 quilts that I have had as UFOs for longer than I like to admit. I will post photos of each one as they are finished. I had set a goal of June 1st. I think that will need to be revisited.

The other thing I have been working on this week is a quilt for my son's teacher. It is turning out really well. It only needs binding which I think I will put on tonight. I will do the hand sewing during Dancing with the Stars. I am totally addicted to that show. I have withdrawal when it is off of the air.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.



Amanda said...

The blocks are looking really pretty. I'm pretty addicted to Strictly Come Dancing - the UK version of Dancing with the Stars - and can't wait for the new series in the autumn.

Lynn said...

I'm impressed 2 OC's, I'm having trouble keeping up with one. I really like your second one with the pink.

Kucki68 said...

Have faith in Bonnie, the CCs all turned out lovely and I am sure so will the OCs. Yours are looking to be in good shape. I really like the yellow star block.