Monday, June 23, 2008

Finish 5 Challenge

I have signed up for a challenge called "Finish Five by the End of July". You can see the logo in my sidebar. I found it on Peg's blog. Here is the link to the Challenge info. I have at least 20 or 25 UFOs in various stages that need to be finished. If I can get 5 done by the end of July that would put a serious dent into them. The challenge has at least made me pull out five tops and match them up with backing and binding fabric. At least I am one step closer than I was last week.

Here are the 5 projects targeted.

Number 1
This is a top that still needs borders before it can be quilted. It is a graduation gift for my daughter's friend.

Number 2
This next one is my first and only attempt at a One Block Wonder. I don't think this style of piecing is for me. It is very tedious. But I am going to finish it. This one only needs quilting. It is a small wall hanging size.

Number 3

This is a lovely quilt I finished a few months ago. It is very flowery, all in pinks, yellows and blues from Robyn Pandolph. It is twin sized.

Number 4

This is one of the two Orange Crush quilts I started. This one needs borders and quilting. I have been working on the borders today. This one is a little bigger than twin sized, and will be a gift for a friend. She loves how it looks, so that makes me feel better about finishing it.

Number 5

The last one is a crib quilt made for a friend whose baby is due in September. It is the one I posted a few blogs ago. I will probably quilt this one first since it is so small.

Wish me luck!



Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Donna, what a lovely lot of projects to finish.....look forward to seeing each one finished..

Helen in the UK said...

Good luck with your challenge. I look forward to seeing those flimsies transformed into quilts :)

T said...

Oh, I love the fabrics in your #1 goal quilt! I made a quilt out of the fabs and wish that I could get miles and miles more of each print in each colorway! (That also means that I have an idea of how old that UFO is!)

Good luck with your goal. Sometimes we need a deadline to get re-energized.

Julie said...

Good luck on finishing these projects. I am afraid to commit to finishing five. I am too scattered!