Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Plans

Well DS and DH are off to a baseball tournament, so I have lots of time on my hands this weekend to sew. If I accomplish even a little bit of my plans then it will be a successful sewing weekend.
This is one of the projects I am working on. It is a quilt for a friend of my daughter's for graduation. The only request she had is that I finish it before she goes off to college in the fall. Not that far away anymore. The summer is flying by!

I just finished Crazy Mom's block #8. I am really enjoying the results as well as the pace of this quilt.

My daughter says she is staying in tonight and maybe we can watch a movie together, so that will be fun. I was thinking of Fool's Gold. That is until she gets a better offer. I have two bindings to tack down during movie time.

I also received a package a few days ago from Fabric Depot. It is the first time I have ordered from them, and I will definitely do so again. They have great customer service. I ordered two pieces for backings and they were out of one. They called me and checked if I was willing to substitute which I was. The substitute was better than the original since it wasn't a sale fabric yet. The substitute is on the right.

These are some yummy 1 yard pieces that were on sale. Don't know where these are going yet.

Did I mention that I signed up for the Doll Quilt Swap? More on that later. Oh yeah, and my LQS is having a 25% off sale on everything tomorrow.

Happy sewing,


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