Saturday, December 6, 2008

My SSCS gift arrived this week. I was out of town on business, so it was a nice surprise to come home and find this waiting for me. I will wait patiently until Christmas to open this parcel. Thank you Santa.

I have only done the minimum on Christmas decorating so far. My tree is up, sadly without any ornaments. My teenagers do not have time to help and I have not been home. Maybe we will just have twinkly lights this year. It seems like I only just put those ornaments away a few days ago!
I have hung a few of my Christmas quilts. At least I have a little bit of decorating done.



Chookyblue...... said...

so pleased you can wait for the SSCS to be the top quilt........

Roslyn Atwood said...

I like your NYB quilt-I have a completed NYB top that is a UFO, just needs quilting, it's on my list for completion in 2009.
I only got my ornaments on the tree on Sunday night so don't feel bad!

Sara said...

I love that top quilt. It is so pretty and colorful!