Thursday, April 10, 2008

"So I Think I Need a Quilt for a Baby Shower, Maybe"

Those are the words I was greeted with yesterday by my daughter. Unfortunately the conversation did not offer much more clarification after that.
At least she knew the shower was for her cheerleading coach. "When is it?" "The 18th" she replied. "April or May?" Not sure. "Who is organizing this?" Not sure. "Where is it?" Not sure.... and on we go.
So anyway, since I was going to make a baby quilt for the coach anyway, I thought I might as well get started. It gives me a chance to play with the Easy Angle we will be using in the Orange Crush Mystery Quilt since I am using half square triangles in the baby quilt.
In the past I have always drawn the line down the middle of two layered squares and then sewn 1/4" away on each side. The Easy Angle is nice, but I am finding the bias stretches a lot. I have to put a pin at the trailing end of each set in order to have them stay together through the presser foot. We'll see how it goes. It definitely is faster.

Here's the direction I am going in. The fabric is mostly Zippee Jungle from Clothworks with some scraps thrown in. The baby is a girl so I wanted a little pink. I will need some type of sashing I think. Maybe black and white? ...Not sure......

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