Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mystery Quilt Step 1

Well thanks to a lot of determination from Tracy , I am in the Mystery Quilters Ring, and excited to be here. I finished the step one blocks last night.

Here they are waiting to have the little center seam pinwheeled open. I like to do this so that they will lie flat for me. They look like a fuzzy caterpillar to me.

Now pressed open and pinned together. I made a few extra, not knowing what the layout will look like.
I am looking forward to step 2. I think I am going to try making another version with pink as the light and all brights for the darks. I need a birthday gift for a friend who is a breast cancer survivor, but she is not the 100% pink type. We'll see.


Amanda said...

Welcome to blogging, it can be quite addictive. I have never tried the twisty thing with the seams, I don't think I have the patience. I just steam press like mad!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Welcome to Blogland. I love the fuzzy caterpillar! This blogging is very addictive...but so much fun to see all the talent out there! I did the twisty thing too, didn't take that long for what I hope is a flatter quilt top. I love Bonnie's patterns!

Kathy Wagner said...

Hope you enjoy the blogging and the mystery quilt! The 4 patches look great!