Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not Working on Christmas

So I should be working on Christmas gifts, but somehow I can't get in the mood for that, so I am working with these pretty florals. They are from the Hoffman Flower of the Month Series from a couple of years ago. The pattern is from a Christmas Magazine, so at least I was looking at Christmas projects.

I have worked on my Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift, but I don't think we are supposed to show more that a sneak peak from that, so here is a sneak peek of that also.What is everyone else working on?


Friday, October 3, 2008

Orange Crush Finally Finished

Boy it was a long haul on this one! I really didn't feel the love for this quilt while working on it, but my family loves it. My husband says it is his favorite quilt so far! Go figure. It is going to my dear friend Ceil, and I am excited to give it to her.

Thanks to Bonnie at Quiltville for the pattern. If you haven't checked out her website and blog, be sure to do so. It is full of ideas, one better than the next.

So here is the quilt. I have one more OC to finish that I will keep for me. It may be a few months before that one gets done. Lots of Christmas projects in line ahead of it.

The quilting is kind of a spiral meandering. The quilt is so busy I did not think much would show up anyway.

I used pink Aurafil thread. This is the first time I used Aurafil, and I found it a little challenging. I don't think I had the proper needle size for the thread weight however. I do like the look of the finished quilting however.

My dear daughter left this little project for me. Her Invisible Children club at school worked here last weekend and dyed t-shirts for a fund raiser. Now someone, (guess who) has to wash all the excess dye out of the t-shirts so they can put their logo on them Sunday. Oh and by the way, each color has to be washed separately. Well I am off to the Rit dye website for some instructions. Hope I find them there.

Happy quilting,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Back!

Well I kind of took an unplanned break from blogging. Things have been hectic here to say the least, some good some bad, but all the normal stuff of family life.

Last week my daughter turned 18, my son turned 16 and I turn the big 50 on Friday! How is that for a few milestones?

We have been to about 20 baseball games and four football games since my last post. I also had some dental surgery that didn't go quite right the first time, but all is fixed now.

I did manage to get a few quilty things done and have a few pictures to post. I do have a goal to return to blogging on a more regular basis. Here is what I have been up to.

Lots of these little baskets from the Pink Penguin blog have been spotted in blogland. They are certainly fun to make.

I made a little cosmetic bag. I may make a few more for Christmas gifts. These are easy to make also.I'm finishing the hand stitching on the binding of one of my Orange Crush quilts (finally). I love the backing.

I have also managed to finish 3 UFO tops. I won't show these until they are quilted.

I have this little stack of finished tops to quilt before Christmas. We will see how that goes.

Finally I bought this book a month or so ago. I just love all the quilts in this book. As soon as that little stack above is finished I will be starting to work on a few things in here.

Happy quilting,